Mr. Castillo provides services in Juvenile Law, Criminal Law, CPS Matters and more. He aggressively protects the rights of people charged with criminal offenses throughout South Texas. He offers protection against a wide range of criminal law matters in state and federal courts, including:

Drug Charges (Including: Drug possession, Trafficking, Transportation, Conspiracy, Money laundering, Cultivation and, Manufacturing) — Texas drug crime laws are among the nation’s harshest. What might be a misdemeanor elsewhere is often, in our state, classified as a felony. Relatively minor offenses entail mandatory prison terms.

Mr. Castillo has represented residents of Harris and Galveston Counties, and the surrounding area, from drug charges for over 28 years. He approaches all of his cases with an eye toward winning at trial, or having the allegations dismissed outright. While imprisonment may be avoided through a number of means, expungement is more difficult to achieve—yet this is the result Mr. Castillo will work toward. It is imperative to find a lawyer who will work to defend you. Mr. Castillo provides spirited representation and will fight in court to protect your rights.

Drunk Driving — The steps you take following a DUI/DWI charge matter. An experienced attorney will help you understand the best route forward.

Assault Charges — Depending on the severity of the crime, an assault can be tried either as a misdemeanor or a felony. Yet the penalties for both are harsh. Mr. Castillo provides assistance if you stand accused of assault.

Sexual Offenses — In Texas, a sex crime conviction entails steep fines and, in many cases, long prison sentences. It is important to find a lawyer who will protect your rights.

Theft — Whether you are charged with robbing a bank or shoplifting from a general store, the consequences of theft can be incredibly punitive. With strong legal counsel, the charges against you can be reduced — and, in some cases, dismissed.

White Collar Fraud — White collar crimes are taken, and punished, seriously at both the state and federal levels. You need a lawyer whose experience matches that of the prosecution.

Whether a misdemeanor or a felony, you face harsh penalties. There is the possibility of imprisonment. Your reputation, both at work and within your community, is likely to suffer damage. Without firm, experienced legal representation, you will endure the full brunt of the Texas courts. No matter what charges you face, there are options. Mr. Castillo will help you understand them. Beyond keeping you out of jail, his aim is to have your case dismissed and any record of criminality expunged.

Mr. Castillo can arrange to work on either a flat-fee or hourly basis. To learn more about how he can help protect your rights, call him at (713) 223-9111.

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